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The Kings are covering up Taylor Swift’s ‘eyesore’ of a banner

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Taylor Swift’s banner at Staples Center isn’t coming down but it will no longer be seen during Kings home games.
Before their home opener against the Nashville Predators on Saturday, the Kings covered Swift’s “most sold out performances” banner and will continue to do so.
Staples Center president Lee Zeidman said there are no plans to remove the banner and the decision to cover it during Kings games was made solely by the team.
You want everyone you care about to stick around forever, but the universe has other plans. People have other plans. Unexpected hardships happen, faults and failings we could never plan for. People flip, ghost, and flake. People change, and you can either work through your differences or around them. You either decide that your friend, your loved one, or your significant other is worth the trouble they put you through and fight to keep them in your life, or you fight for yourself, insisting that others treat you the way you deserve to be treated, on penalty of never seeing you again. Selena Gomez’s new single “Lose You to Love Me” is a song about the process of figuring out that it’s time to go, and locating the strength to act on your marching orders. Much will be made of who it’s almost certainly about.
That harsh “In two months, you replaced us / Like it was easy” in verse two points to Justin Bieber, who proposed to his ex Hailey Baldwin three months after breaking off his and Gomez’s on-again, off-again romance last year. That makes the timing of the new single absolutely brutal. Hailey and Bieber haven’t been married a month. All’s fair in love and pop songs though: Bieb dropped Purpose during their last break and wrote Selena’s name in the scribbles in his arty video for “Where Are Ü Now,” a song about lifting someone up and feeling abandoned when they leave.
Getting caught up in the timeline maybe loses sight of her song’s quiet strength. It’s not your typical accusatory breakup song. It’s a rearview assessment of two people drifting apart that assigns blame to both parties: “I saw the signs, and I ignored them.” “Lose You to Love Me” is also a noteworthy change of pace for Gomez’s music. Recent singles like “Wolves” and “Back to You” tried folk-pop on for size, and this year’s killer musica urbana jam “I Can’t Get Enough” paired her with Benny Blanco, Tainy, and J. Balvin. “Lose You to Love Me” is naked honesty, lyrically and musically.
The banner, which was raised Aug. 21, 2015, after her record 16th sold-out concert at Staples Center, has been an eyesore for many Kings fans. They don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Kings have failed to win a playoff series since the banner went up. The Kings won the Stanley Cup in 2012 and 2014 as well as advanced to the conference finals in 2013. They finished with the worst record in the Western Conference and second worst in the league last season.
“The connection to our fans is our highest priority and through our engagement they have made it clear that the banner shouldn’t be part of their Kings game experience,” said Michael Altieri, senior vice president of marketing, communications and content for the Kings and AEG Sports. “We didn’t see an issue in covering it for our games and in fact see it as an opportunity to show our fans that we hear them.”
The Clippers already cover Swift’s banner, along with the Lakers’ and Sparks’ championship banners and retired jerseys, during their home games. They have hung oversized portraits of their players in that area of the arena since 2013. The Lakers currently have no plans to cover the banner, which was presented to Swift by Kobe Bryant, but they would have just as much reason as the Kings in trying to reverse the banner’s possible curse. The Lakers haven’t won a playoff series in seven years and have the worst winning percentage in the league over the past six seasons.
Swift has not performed a concert at Staples Center since her banner was raised but will be opening SoFi Stadium, the new $5-billion home of the Rams and Chargers in Inglewood, on July 25-26, 2020.



Taylor Swift casually announces her tiny concert on Twitter

Will Heath/NBC Musical guest Taylor Swift performs on Saturday Night Live, October 5, 2019.
Hey, Taylor Swift fans, the pop star just teased a new concert from a tiny desk.
The Tiny Desk Concerts are part of NPR Music and filmed in Washington, DC, at the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen. Swift posted on her Twitter that she was the next artist to take the desk.
"Tiny desk, BIG mood. Thank you @NPR for that awesome experience, I can't wait to relive it when #tinydesk comes out!"
A video producer for NPR, Morgan Noelle Smith, gushed about working with the artist in an Instagram post, saying that the experience was "unreal."
"We have a lot of people who come to perform at the desk, but it is SO humbling to see someone as famous, as huge, as ICONIC as Taylor Swift just come in, sit behind the desk, and play her music the same way it was written ... just her on a guitar and at the piano," Smith wrote.
The acoustic set list is rumored to include "Lover," "The Man," and throwback "All Too Well" from her 2012 album "Red."
As far as the release date, all we know is "soon."
The announcement follows Swift's performance on NBC's "Saturday Night Live," in which she performed stripped-down versions of some of her recent hits.
Taylor Swift Meets Jonathan Van Ness’ Cats and They Instantly Hit It Off: ‘Aunt Taylor’
Jonathan Van Ness and Taylor Swift. Courtesy of Jonathan Van Ness/Instagram
Best pals! Taylor Swift made friends with Jonathan Van Ness’ cats very quickly after meeting them for the first time.
Taylor Swift, More Musicians Who Put Their Pets in Music Videos
“Aunt Taylor came to meet Genivieve & the other babies last night,” the Queer Eye star, 32, captioned a series of photos on Instagram on Thursday, October 10, adding cat and heart emojis.
The pop star, 29, shared an Eskimo kiss with the feline in one photo. In another, she posed for a selfie with Van Ness.
Taylor Swift Through the Years
Swift commented on the post, referencing her obsession with Game of Thrones in the remark. “Genivieve of the House Van Ness, First of Her Name, the Unscratched, Queen of Meows and nose boops,” she wrote. “Catleesi of the East River, Breaker of Wine Glasses, and Mother of hairballs.”
Van Ness reposted the comment via his Instagram Story with sheer delight. “F–k me up w this caption,” he replied along with crying-laughing emojis. “I wasn’t ready.”
The Over the Top author appeared in Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” music video, which premiered in June. The song was the second single from her latest album, Lover.
Celebrity Pets That Have Their Own Social Media Accounts
Van Ness, meanwhile, opened up exclusively to Us Weekly about the importance of his pets in his life. “I would spend my last dollar on cat litter and cat food, which I literally have done because I needed to have that companionship,” he explained on Thursday while discussing his partnership with Zumba. “My relationship with my cats was really, it still is … I mean, especially when I look at my 20s. Like, that was a really big deal for me.”
He continued: “I think that is how you learn to fall in love with yourself with not like a switch that you flip. It’s through a daily practice of doing things that bring you joy and prioritizing. Bringing yourself joy.”
Swift, for her part, is also an avid cat lover. The Grammy winner is the proud owner of a trio of felines: Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button. She introduced her fans to the newest addition — named after Brad Pitt’s 2008 movie — in April, writing via Instagram at the time: “And then there were three…”
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Taylor Swift: Tiny Desk Concert


As Taylor Swift settled in for her Tiny Desk, she looked out at the 300-plus NPR employees and guests. "Wow! This is a lot of people in a tiny office!" she said. "I love it!" Then, after introducing herself, she explained her objective: "I just decided to take this as an opportunity to show you guys how the songs sounded when I first wrote them."
It should come as no surprise that someone who commands stadium stages could hold court in NPR Music's corner of our Washington, D.C., office — specifically, behind Bob Boilen's desk — but Swift was truly at home in stripped-down, solo-session mode. ("It's just me. There's no dancers, unfortunately," she quipped.)
Opening with an acoustic rendition of "The Man," from her 2019 album, Lover, Swift delivered a critique of gender double standards with a sense of humor (and a perfectly deployed hair toss), Leonardo DiCaprio name check and all. Turning to the piano with a smile for Lover's title track, she explained the guitar-string scars of the song's bridge. Picking up the guitar again for "Death by a Thousand Cuts," Swift confronted a question that she says has haunted her career: What will you ever do if you get happy? Across the song's run-on thoughts and relentless searching, Swift offered an answer: She'll continue to excel at crafting superb story-songs.
Though most Tiny Desk concerts stop at three songs, we couldn't turn down the chance to hear "All Too Well" from Swift's 2012 album, Red. Routinely cited by critics and fans alike as a favorite, the beloved track has become the stuff of Swiftie legends, striking in its specificity (that scarf!) and relatable in a way that anyone who has loved and lost can understand.
That sense of connection is at the heart of it all. Some 800 Tiny Desk concerts since we published our very first back in April 2008, the aim remains the same: In the midst of meetings and conference calls, Tiny Desk concerts offer respite from the workday and opportunities to see artists reimagine their work in a strange setting. It's always special, but on some days, it feels downright magical. Watching Taylor Swift perform — and then interact with co-workers and guests who have grown up with her — was simply enchanting.

  • "The Man"
  • "Lover"
  • "Death by a Thousand Cuts"
  • "All Too Well"
  • MUSICIAN Taylor Swift: vocals, guitar, piano
    CREDITS Producers: Bob Boilen, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineers: Josh Rogosin, Natasha Branch; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, Kara Frame, Maia Stern; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Production Assistants: Jack Corbett, Mito Habe-Evans; Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey; Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann; Photo: Bob Boilen/NPR

    At NPR’s Tiny Desk, Taylor Swift fully embraces her rep for ‘heartache and misery’ LOSE YOU TO LOVE ME


    Taylor Swift fully embraced her reputation for courting despair as she played an NPR Tiny Desk concert that was broadcast Wednesday.
    For the acoustic mini concert, the country-turned-pop star played stripped-down versions of multiple tracks from her latest effort, “Lover,” which she called a “very, very happy, romantic album.”
    However, that didn’t stop her from protecting her status as the unofficial queen of the breakup ballad.
    “I’ve gotten a question over and over again that I think has the potential to seriously deteriorate my mental health,” Swift joked between songs. “The question is, ‘What will you ever do if you get happy? What will you write about? Will you just never be able to write a song again?’ ”
    Swift and the cramped audience shared a laugh, though the songstress did admit that the theory once truly haunted her, since songs about heartbreak are “so fun to write.”
    Despite her uncharacteristically calm romantic life as of late — she has reportedly been dating “The Favourite” actor Joe Alwyn happily for about two years — Swift was pleased to share her secret for recapturing a tragic state of mind: She lives vicariously through books, movies and conversations with heartbroken friends.
    “I ended up writing a song that was a breakup song on the ‘Lover’ album, and I was like, ‘This is my proof that I don’t have to stop writing songs about heartache and misery,’ which, for me, is incredible news,” she quipped, earning more laughs before she launched into the somber tune “Death by a Thousand Cuts.”SELENA GOMEZ LOSE YOU TO LOVE ME
    Swift was more serious about some of her darker relationship days while introducing the emotional title track — a culmination of, and release from, all the pain she’s mused about in her past.
    “I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing breakup songs and songs about things not turning out the way you wanted them to or songs about what you thought would be love, and it turned out to not be that at all,” she said. “Songwriting is really a cathartic, therapeutic thing for me, and so there were a lot of things I’ve written about in my life that were the harder things I’ve had to go through.”
    Swift has, of course, made a signature of not-so-subtly putting past celebrity lovers on blast with intimate ballads and anthems, including but not limited to “Dear John” (John Mayer), “All Too Well” (Jake Gyllenhaal) and “I Knew You Were Trouble” (Harry Styles).
    “In life, you accumulate scars,” she said. “You accumulate hurt. You accumulate moments of learning and disappointment and struggle and all that, and if someone’s going to take your hand, they better take your hand, scars and all.”
    Swift is set to hit the road for her official Lover tour next year.

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