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cadillac escalade s

The 2021 Cadillac Escalade S Is Mercifully Inoffensive Looking

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Image shared with permission, rotated and contrast-boosted by the author to show detailPhoto: allcarnews (Instagram) Truck YeahThe trucks are good!
I happen to like the restyled look of the 2021 Chevy Suburban and Tahoe SUVs. I dare say it’s the best application yet of GM’s insistence on stretch-face styling for everything. Many commenters disagreed though, so perhaps the more stately jaw of this apparently leaked 2021 Cadillac Escalade will suit you better.
Spy shots of the ’Slade have been rolling around for months, and early pics of the multi-layered dashboard, in particular, have been somewhat interesting. But I do believe these photos from @allcarnews on Instagram, shared with us by the site’s rep Justin, are the first fairly clear images of the redesigned Escalade’s exterior without camouflage.
Based on the proportions and size of the vehicle, there really is nothing else the SUV in these pictures could be besides an Escalade. Unless Cadillac is planning on changing the name to “XT10” or something.
As a side note, GM isn’t going to confirm or deny that powertrain or horsepower figure in that Instagram caption so, while a carryover 6.2-liter V8 is likely, take that piece of information with a grain of salt.
What we can see for sure though is that the grille is large, the headlights are (relatively) small, and it looks like the C-pillar has got a little more swoop than it has had in previous iterations of the Escalade. Other than that, it seems, fine?
Of course, we’re looking at the vehicle in the most unflattering factory floor lighting through a grainy iPotato camera lens, but you can get a pretty decent sense of what the shapes all look like. It’s not bad. I’m a lot more interested in what that two-tiered gauge cluster looks like when it’s working, though.

General Motors Goes Back Into Lordstown, Ohio: The Flyover

General Motors returns to Lordstown, Ohio – with the promise of tax incentives from the state. Pennsylvania finds PFAs in one water system. And smoking dope in your back yard or on your balcony will soon be OK in Chicago.
Oh, my Lordstown: After closing its factory in Lordstown, Ohio, General Motors announced it would open an electric vehicle battery factory in the politically important Mahoning Valley town, the Detroit Free Press’ Jamie LaReau reports.
You spin me right ‘round: Of course, that announcement was hailed as a victory for the Mahoning Valley workers. Groundbreaking on the plant is expected by 2020 and 1,100 jobs are expected to come to the area. Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, called it “great news.” The plant closure has been especially problematic for Republican President Donald Trump, whose Ohio campaign spokesman said it was a “huge win” for the Mahoning Valley.
There’s always a but... There aren’t really more jobs coming to Lordstown. The area has lost 4,500 as GM idled its Chevrolet Cruze plant earlier this year. The company sold the plant to Lordstown Motor Corp., an electric vehicle startup, that even under the best-case scenario would hire 400 workers. And it’s not like GM is going to Lordstown out of the goodness of their heart. DeWine is actually giving the company tax incentives to return, though how much is unknown, per LaReau’s report.
PFAS-inating: State regulators in Pennsylvania found one water system out of the 93 they tested had levels of the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS beyond the federally recommended level set by the Environmental Protection Agency, PennLive’s Wallace McKelvey reports. The site was a private water system used by an electrical equipment manufacturer servicing about 110 employees. The company already provides bottled water due to an unrelated water quality issue.
One toke over the line: Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a Democrat, is tempering expectations for the state’s rollout of recreational marijuana on Jan. 1, the Chicago Tribune’s Dan Petrella reports. Pritzker’s pot czar, former state Sen. Toi Hutchinson, said the program wouldn’t be fully operational by the New Year, with new licensees coming after Jan. 2. Basically, expect a line on New Year’s Day for weed in Illinois.
Up in smoke: Chicago police want the public to know that they can arrest anyone for smoking weed on their balcony or in their backyard, but won’t, the Chicago Sun-Times’ Tom Schuba and Fran Spielman report. Police said in a statement that both of those places were cool, but made no mention of whether pot use would be allowed on front porches.
Over budget: If you want a deal to get done with lawmakers, just put them up against a deadline on the holidays. Such is the case with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, and the Republican-controlled legislature. After months of a stalemate and posturing between the two camps over budget negotiations, a supplemental budget deal is looking like it might get done, MLive’s Lauren Gibbons reports. Too bad they couldn’t figure this out the first time, but we wouldn’t want politics to run too smoothly now, would we?
Reporting for duty: Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat, announced he would release the findings of a report into widespread sexual assault and harassment in the Wisconsin National Guard publicly, per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Evers said the report would be available in a matter of days.
Judge and jury: The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will soon have in front of it several challenges to Megan’s Law – the statute passed in nearly every state for monitoring and treatment of sex offenders – that could reshape how sexual offenders are handled in that state, writes Angela Couloumbis for SpotlightPA. Nearly every aspect of the law is being challenged, though legislators said they are ready to pass a similar law in accordance with the court should it be overturned.
Gone country: After getting smoked in rural areas in 2016, Michigan Democrats are heading back to the country, MLive’s Malachi Barrett reports. That includes presidential candidates keeping rural policies front-and-center in their campaigns, such as broadband access and access to hospitals.
First one’s free: Pritzker also signed a bill into law on Thursday requiring the secretary of state to keep an online database for lobbyists, campaign contributions and candidate financial disclosure, officially bringing Illinois into the 21st Century, Petrella reports. The law also creates a task force to study state ethics laws in Illinois and recommend further changes for the statehouse to ignore.
  • Businessman Andrew Yang was in Chicago on Thursday, per the Chicago Sun-Times.
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont was in Story City, Iowa, on Thursday, per the campaign.
  • Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey was in Des Moines and Council Bluffs, Iowa, on Thursday, per the Des Moines Register.
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota was in Des Moines on Thursday, per the campaign.
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden was in New Hampton and Waterloo, Iowa, on Thursday, per the Washington Post.
  • White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump was in Indianapolis on Thursday, per the Indianapolis Star. MC Hammer joined her.
  • Former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro will be in Waterloo, Iowa, on Friday, per the campaign.
  • South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg will be in Grinnell and Waterloo, Iowa, on Friday, per the campaign. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot will interview him in Waterloo, per the Chicago Sun-Times.
  • Former Rep. John Delaney of Maryland will be in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Grinnell, Iowa, on Friday, per the campaign.
  • Billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer will be in Grinnell and Waterloo, Iowa, on Friday, per the Des Moines Register’s candidate tracker.
  • Biden will be in Elkader, Decorah and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Friday, per the campaign.
  • Booker will be in Harlan, Winterset, Grinnell, Waterloo and Manchester, Iowa, on Friday, per the campaign.
  • Former Secretary of State John Kerry will join him, per the Des Moines Register.
  • Klobuchar will be in Indianola, Chariton, Grinnell and Waterloo, Iowa, on Friday, per the campaign.
  • Sanders will be in Grinnell and Des Moines, Iowa, on Friday, per the campaign.
  • Klobuchar will be in Waukon, Dubuque and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday, per the campaign.
  • Steyer will be in Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, Iowa, on Saturday, per the Des Moines Register’s candidate tracker.
  • Booker will be in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Tipton, Iowa, on Saturday per the campaign.
  • Biden will be in Oelwein and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday, per the campaign.
  • Sanders will be in Iowa Falls and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday, per the campaign.
  • Buttigieg will be in Mount Vernon and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday, per the campaign.
  • Booker will be in Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, Iowa, on Sunday, per the campaign.
  • Sanders will be in Indianola, Iowa, on Sunday, per the campaign.
  • Buttigieg will be in Washington and Coralville, Iowa, on Sunday, per the campaign.
  • Steyer will be in Iowa City, Iowa, on Sunday, per the Des Moines Register’s candidate tracker.
  • Castro will be in Wapello and Fort Madison, Iowa, on Monday, per the campaign.
  • Author Marianne Williamson will be in Des Moines on Monday, per the campaign.
  • President Donald Trump will be in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on Dec. 10, per PennLive.
  • Vice President Mike Pence will be in Pittsburgh, Rochester and Hershey, Pennsylvania on Dec. 10, per the Trump campaign.
  • The Des Moines Register is holding a beer caucus on Dec. 11, per the Des Moines Register.
  • White House Director of Urban Affairs and Revitalization Ja’Ron Smith will be in Cleveland on Dec. 13, per cleveland.Com.
  • At least six presidential candidates will be in Pittsburgh on Dec. 14 for a public education forum, per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
  • Trump will be in Battle Creek, Michigan, on Dec. 18 for a “Merry Christmas rally,” per the campaign.
  • The FBI is asking questions about longtime Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, per the Chicago Tribune.

“The right to pursue impeachment is an indispensable power that Congress has for holding government officials accountable to the American people.”

-Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, while calling for impeachment hearings...Of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in 2016. Jordan, who has allied himself with Republican President Donald Trump, isn’t as big a fan of the impeachment process anymore.
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