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Chewing Gum

It Actually Does Have Some Pretty Unexpected Side Effects

If you searched every woman's handbag in the UK, chances are, you're going to stumble across a fair few packets of chewing gum. Let's face it; we are a nation in love with gum. However, our addiction to the sticky stuff could actually be causing some unexpected side effects. You've probably heard the rumours, but does chewing gum chewing gum really cause wrinkles?
Chewing Gum

In a nutshell, yes it does cause fine lines to appear on your skin. Imogen Bexfield, the founder and medical director of White Swan Aesthetics, told Glamour: "Repeated facial expressions like smiling, squinting, or frowning do leave marks on your skin over time and chewing gum excessively can have an impact on these fine lines — particularly on and around the upper lip area which can contribute to wrinkles."
I think the operative word here is "excessively". Chewing one piece of gum a day isn't going to permanently alter the texture or appearance of your skin. However, you could face such an effect over time with "excessive" chewing.
Dermatologist Mary Lupo also brought up a rather interesting fact. In an interview with Allure, she explained how chewing gum (again, excessively) can actually alter the overall shape of your face. She explained to the publication that "enlarging of the masseter [the muscles either side of your jaw that control chewing]" is also a side effect from chewing gum, which can result in a "very squared jawline." Of course, there is nothing wrong with a squared jawline, however, it is worth noting that excessive chewing can literally change the shape of your face, which is an outcome not everyone may want.
So are there any other fascinating side effects that come from chewing gum? Yes, actually. And it's not all bad either. As Healthline reports, gum has the ability to help with memory, alertness, and decision-making. Some believe this is because the action results in increased blood flow to the brain, although there is no conclusive answer.
However, several studies have proven the above theory. One, carried out in 2002, found that those who chewed gum during a test saw a short-term memory improvement of 24 percent, and a 36 percent improvement when it came to long-term memory. There is also evidence to suggest that gum can help reduce stress levels.
Along with the muscular and skin changes detailed above, there are a couple of other things to take into account. Experts believe that excessive chewing can lead to a jaw issue named temporomandibular disorder (or TMD for short). This isn't classed as a serious problem but the resulting pain and discomfort can make it hard to eat and sleep at night.
And if you regularly suffer from headaches, you may be more prone to migraines or tension headaches when chewing gum, according to a 2015 study.
Nowadays, it seems like every normal action comes with a bunch of conflicting information. As with everything, the main thing to take away from all of the above is to chew gum in moderation. Restrict yourself to one pack a week and you're (probably) good to go.

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Chewing Gum image

Stone Age chewing gum

Are There Any edges To mastication Sugar-Free Gum?
Swapping your sweetened gum for a sugar-free different is nice for your teeth. In fact, some brands of sugar-free gum have attained the yank Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance.

But sugar-free gum might not be sensible for everybody. Before you purchase your next pack, certify you perceive sugar-free gum’s potential facet effects yet because the edges.

Health claims of sugar-free gum
There ar several claims regarding sugar-free gum and its potential edges for dental health. These embody the subsequent.

Reduces or prevents cavity and cavities
Chewing sugar-free gum when meals for twenty minutes at a time helps to scale back cavity. this can be primarily as a result of it causes your mouth to provide a lot of spittle.

Saliva helps wash away microscopic food particles left behind when feeding. It conjointly nullifies and washes away the acids created once food is weakened by bacterium in plaque.

A biennial clinical study that followed 547 school-aged youngsters in national capital found that mastication sugar-free gum when meals considerably reduced the formation of cavities.

Reduces plaque
One tiny study found that mastication either sugar-free gum or gum with sugar reduced existing plaque and plaque formation.

However, the study found that mastication gum had no impact on the speed of periodontitis (gum disease).

Strengthens solid body substance
The increase in spittle that gum mastication produces conjointly helps to strengthen solid body substance. this can be as a result of spittle contains atomic number 20 and phosphate.

Reduces sensitivity in teeth caused by tooth lightening
Temporary feelings of tooth sensitivity ar a typical results of in-office tooth lightening procedures.

One study indicated that mastication sugar-free gum was able to scale back the extent of sensitivity in teeth for participants UN agency chewed 2 differing types of sugar-free gum.

What’s in sugar-free gum?

Various brands of sugar-free gums have completely different ingredients, that ar all designed to mimic the style of sugar. a number of these ar artificial sweeteners, et al. ar made of natural sources.

The sweeteners in sugar-free gum include:

Sugar alcohols. the foremost unremarkably used sugar alcohols in sugar-free gum ar xylitol, isomalt, maltitol, mannitol, and sorbitol. Sugar alcohols come back from berries and alternative fruits.
Aspartame. sweetener is a synthetic sweetener made of 2 amino acids — essential amino acid and amino acid.
Stevia. This natural sweetener is created from the leaves of the stevia plant.
In addition to the kind of sweetener used, sugar-free gum also can contain natural and chemical ingredients designed to supply texture, chewiness, and durable style. These ingredients vary from whole to whole.

Side effects of mastication sugar-free gum
While not a facet impact, keep in mind that sugar-free gum isn’t a substitute permanently attention and shouldn’t be used rather than brushing teeth.

The facet effects of sugar-free gum will vary primarily based upon their ingredients:

The essential amino acid in sweetener may be dangerous for those that have associate genetic disease referred to as PKU (PKU).
Excessive use of sorbitol has been according to cause issues with digestion, like looseness of the bowels and, in some rare cases, dramatic and unwanted weight loss.
An allergic reaction to sweetener will cause hives anyplace on the body yet as gi or metastasis problems.
Because the action of mastication will cause jaw muscles to tighten, mastication any sort of gum overly could cause jaw pain. mastication gum has conjointly been coupled to a rise in mandibular joint pain (TMJ), though this potential facet impact isn't definitively accepted.
People who have braces ought to conjointly avoid gum of any kind to avoid damaging their braces. Most pregnant girls ought to be able to chew sugar-free gum throughout their physiological condition as long as they don’t have any problems with any of the ingredients within the gum.

The bottom line
Chewing sugar-free gum is healthier for dental health than mastication gum with sugar. Sugar-free gum has been shown to scale back cavities and plaque production. however it isn’t a substitute permanently dental habits, like brushing teeth when meals.

The ingredients in sugar-free gum will have some facet effects, that build it a foul alternative for a few folks. certify to scan the label of any sugar-free gum you propose to chew before victimisation it.

The uncaused Consequences Of Gum Chewing: Accelerated Aging Of The Lower Face And Mouth.
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