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Hearthstone Dragon Deck

Hearthstone Dragons Deck

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Hearthstone is set to release its third and final expansion for 2019 in the next week. After chasing the League of E.V.I.L. Through the floating city of Dalaran and across the deserts of Uldum, the Year of the Dragon concludes this year-long storyline in the skies of Azeroth! Blizzard has summoned every dragon it could bring together to take flight for Hearthstone's next expansion, Descent of Dragons.

Card reveals for Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons have begun and that means it's time for Shacknews to once again break them down one-by-one. Before we start, let's look at one of the big themes for this expansion: Galakrond. Galakrond is a total different animal, so we won't mix his cards in with these analyses. We'll look at each class' Galakrond separately. For now, let's focus on the other cards and how they'll affect the Standard and Wild metas.

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Let's continue with more card reveals from the Hearthstone community.

Hearthstone - Bad Luck Albatross
(3) Bad Luck Albatross (4/3)Type: Minion - BeastClass: NeutralRarity: RareDeathrattle: Shuffle two 1/1 Albatross into your opponent's deck.Source: HappaSC2 on Twitch

Analysis: Zephrys the Great proved to be a complete terror in the Saviors of Uldum expansion. So what's the best way to stop him? You stop his trigger condition by putting multiple cards in your opponent's deck.

So here's the Bad Luck Albatross, one of what I'm sure will be many anti-Zephrys and anti-Highlander strategies. It's a risky play to put more cards into your opponent's deck, but a nice 4/3 Beast in exchange for momentarily delaying the Zephrys trigger is hard to argue with. I can see this going into a few control decks.
(3) Stormhammer (3/2)Type: WeaponClass: HunterRarity: EpicDoesn't love Durability while you control a Dragon.Source: Trump on YouTube

Analysis: This would be a pretty awesome hammer for the Shaman, except... It's not a Shaman weapon. It's a Hunter weapon. It's hard to picture Rexxar and a giant hammer, but this is a pretty nice hammer and a wildly strong one, all things considered.

Dragon Hunter hasn't really been a thing before, but having Dragons at the ready means your Stormhammer never loses Durability. That makes this a permanent Eaglehorn Bow, giving you the opportunity to hit the opponent repeatedly in the face, turn after turn.

With the glut of Dragons in this expansion, creating a Dragon Hunter deck should be pretty easy and this weapon will prove to be the MVP of that deck.
(6) Dragoncaster (4/4)Type: MinionClass: MageRarity: RareBattlecry: If you're holding a Dragon, your next spell this turn costs (0).Source: ArMor on Facebook

Analysis: This is an astonishingly powerful card, just because of the types of spells that the Mage can get off the ground while still getting a 4/4 body on the board. The spell that should be on everyone's mind is Luna's Pocket Galaxy, which can take the Mage's Dragons and other minions and discount them to (1) quite easily and with a much lower risk.

The other potential use for this could be in an aggro Mage deck. Mage players looking to end this game quickly can spend the first few turns going face before stunning their opponent on Turn 6 with Dragoncaster and a free Pyroblast.

A total winner for the Mage, just as long as they have a Dragon readily available. Kalecgos should be a no-brainer.

Hearthstone - Arcane Breath
(1) Arcane BreathType: SpellClass: MageRarity: RareDeal 2 damage to a minion. If you're holding a Dragon, Discover a spell.Source: ArMor on Facebook

Analysis: An absolutely astounding card for the Mage player. At worst, it's a low-level single-target spell. At best, it's a Turn 1 removal option that gives the Mage player another spell for later in the game. Quest Mages will love this. Even Big Spell Mages might find a place for this. A total winner, just as long as...Again, you have a Dragon around. So get to crafting Kalecgos, already!

Hearthstone - Nithogg
(6) Nithogg (5/5)Type: Minion - DragonClass: ShamanRarity: LegendaryBattlecry: Summon two 0/3 Eggs. Next turn they hatch into 4/4 Drakes with Rush.Source: Metabomb

Analysis: For a Shaman Legendary, it's hard not to feel a little disappointed by this. It's an interesting concept, but the end result of putting three minions on-board feels like it's been done better with other minions. And unlike something like Stone Sentinel, the other bodies have to survive the turn intact to become active. The 0/3 Eggs are not Deathrattles. They have to survive, so when Nithogg gives you eggs, just make omelettes.

Hearthstone - Bandersmosh
(5) Bandersmosh (5/5)Type: MinionClass: ShamanRarity: LegendaryEach turn this is in your hand, transform it into a 5/5 copy of a random Legendary minion.Source: Thijs on YouTube

Analysis: In concept, this is interesting. The idea here is that this is a much better Shifter Zerus, in the sense that instead of transforming into a random minion, it becomes a random Legendary, albeit at 5/5 stats with a cost of (5). That still makes it an ideal card to pair up with something like Faceless Manipulator under the right circumstances. With the current field of Legendaries, it shouldn't take too long to come upon one that will prove useful.

While it's hard to imagine a Standard deck that could work with this, Arena players love their 5-Cost 5/5 minions and they really don't come better than this one. So I'd expect this to find a lot of love there.

Hearthstone - Stowaway
(5) Stowaway (4/4)Type: MinionClass: RogueRarity: RareBattlecry: If there are cards in your deck that didn't start there, draw 2 of them.Source: Blizzard - China

Analysis: This card is much better than it looks. The idea is that it doesn't draw cards, it draws specific cards, namely ones that you generated over the course of the game. The Rogue player has quite a number of tools that does just that. Togwaggle's Scheme comes to mind right away. But the better card is Shadow of Death, because Stowaway can draw two of those Shadows and play them on the board right away.

There's an OTK Leeroy Jenkins combo in here somewhere and it shouldn't take good Rogue players very long to find it.

Hearthstone - Frizz Kindleroost
(4) Frizz Kindleroost (5/4)Type: MinionClass: NeutralRarity: LegendaryBattlecry: Reduce the Cost of Dragons in your deck by (2).Source: NGA Forums
(5) Chronobreaker (4/5)Type: Minion - DragonClass: PriestRarity: RareDeathrattle: If you're holding a Dragon, deal 3 damage to all enemy minions.Source: Hearthstone on Instagram
Analysis: Meddlesome insects! Here's the new spiritual successor to Duskbreaker. The difference is, this is a Deathrattle and this only affects enemy minions. That's pretty good, along with that 4/5 stat line. And as seen in the Instagram story, this is another one that synergizes well with Wretched Reclaimer. A very strong card for the Control Priest and one that will see a lot of play.

(3) Bronze Explorer (2/3)Type: Minion - DragonClass: PaladinRarity: CommonLifesteal. Battlecry: Discover a Dragon.Source: Snail on YouTube
Analysis: An excellent early game minion for the Dragon Paladin, one that allows them to bolster their hand with a fresh Dragon for the late game while also getting Lifesteal to help make up any early deficits. This should find its way into every Paladin deck in both constructed and Arena.

(5) Cobalt Spellkin (3/5)Type: Minion - DragonClass: NeutralRarity: RareBattlecry: Add two 1-Cost spells from your class to your hand.Source: Brian Kibler on YouTube
Analysis: Here's a Top 10 card right here, depending on the class. Each class has their share of useful 1-Cost spells and a 3/5 body is definitely worth rolling the dice on getting two random ones. The Quest Mage is absolutely packing this into their deck, since they'll have two new tools to help complete their quest. The Priest has some particularly powerful 1-Cost options, like Embalming Ritual and Power Word: Shield. And then there's Rogue, which has a good chance to pull out a Togwaggle's Scheme from this.
There's practically no downside to this card and it's going to be a mainstay in almost every deck. An A+ minion for this expansion and beyond.

(3) EVIL Quartermaster (2/3)Type: MinionClass: WarriorRarity: CommonBattlecry: Add a Lackey to your hand. Gain 3 Armor.Source: Brian Kibler on YouTube
Analysis: This is a pretty good Lackey generator for the Warrior player. They can essentially dump the EVIL Cable Rat and just run with this guy instead, getting both a Lackey and a quick three Armor. This should fit nicely into a lot of control decks while also supplying some additional resources, which makes this a good pickup in both Standard and Arena. Good stuff here.
We're a good chunk of the way into looking at Descent of Dragons cards. Come back throughout the next few days as we give the full set the analysis treatment prior to the expansion's release. Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons is set to release soon.
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