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Google Maps, Apple Maps and GPS, Move aside: Why people still love their paper maps

Even if everything navigation is inform within the direction of GPS, 

you may ne'er tear some of us removed from their paper maps.

In Northern New Jersey, Stephanie Kivett Ohnegian keeps associate atlas in her automobile as a result of “there square measure places wherever the GPS signal doesn’t work” or “the routing is ridiculous.”

Out in Portland, Oregon, Kimberly Davis has paper maps in her earthquake “go bag" – simply just in case.
Google Maps, Apple Maps and GPS
And in Newport Beach, California, Christine McCullough has another sensible reason for keeping the once-ubiquitous thick, spiral-bound Thomas Guides in her automobile. because the youngsters indurate their driving tests, her edict is “no phones.”

The Map look in Charlotte, N.C.
Few of us would dismiss the very fact that GPS, for all its imperfections, is a gravy once we’ve lost our means – forward it wasn’t GPS that sent America wildly off track within the 1st place.

Same goes for Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze.

And those apps square measure perpetually evolving, too.

Apple simply delivered a redesigned Apple Maps expertise with what the corporate insists is quicker and a lot of correct navigation, and a lot of comprehensive views of roads, buildings, parks, airports, malls and then on.

Apple undraped a replacement go searching feature that's like Google’s Street read, investing high-resolution pictures to allow you to see what major cities appear as if.

As a part of its fifteenth birthday, Google is rolling out a rested look of Google Maps on iOS and golem devices and adding such new options because the ability for a few transit riders to work out whether or not their bus or train is probably going to get on the hotter or colder facet.

Google Maps turns fifteen:Here square measure 15 tips to urge the foremost out of the app

As digital navigation tools still become regular fixtures in obtaining America to wherever we're going, Google Maps is additionally viewing having a sway on establishing wherever we have a tendency to square measure. Google chief operating officer Sundar Pichai blogged that, "one of following frontiers for Maps are to assist the billions of individuals WHO live while not a physical address get a digital one," mistreatment latitude and meridian coordinates instead of a address, that he says would let a lot of of us access things like banking and emergency services, receive personal mail and deliveries, and facilitate others notice and patronize their businesses.

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The global digital map market seems to be going places. metropolis market research worker Grand read analysis calculable the world digital map market to be value $5.6 billion in 2018. The firm expects the market to still expand at a combined annual rate of growth of twelve.1% through 2025.

Where will that leave written maps?

Paper maps still sell
“Do they still build, even sell, paper maps?" That question from retired ny promoting govt archangel Lissauer is emblematic of our daily reliance on digital navigation.  "Other than in a very history category, Europe before warfare II, WHO wants a paper map?”

It may surprise Lissauer et al that the solution to the question is affirmative. they are really on the increase. U.S. sales of print maps and road atlases had have had a five-year compound annual rate of growth of 100%, in keeping with the NPD BookScan. For context, in 2019, the travel maps and atlases class oversubscribed 666,000 units, with year-over-year sales up seven-membered.

Tony Rodono owns and runs The Map look. “We’ve had a retail location in Charlotte, North geographical area, for regarding thirty years, and each day we have a tendency to get someone walking in oral communication, 'How within the world are you able to keep in business?'”

Not solely is that the Map look still in business however it's additionally moving to an even bigger facility, partially to manufacture three-dimensional “raised relief maps” that square measure vacuum fashioned over a mildew to assist folks get a stronger illustration of associate area’s topography.

A few of The Map Shop’s older generation customers square measure skeptical of GPS, he finds. “They have a flip phone that’s tucked away with their map in their glove box for emergencies,” he says. however he is seeing fewer and fewer customers WHO work that description.

Members of aortic aneurysm will still walk into a neighborhood branch and request a TripTik, the spiral-bound notebooks stuffed with fold-out maps following the route to their final destination. associate aortic aneurysm agent would highlight the route with a marker and imply looking at spots, restaurants, maybe places to pay the night. You'd usually walk out with tour books similarly.
As a signpost of the digital age, folks today will order TripTiks, that 1st surfaced in 1937, on-line or through the aortic aneurysm app and build a digital version.

Dave Arland still frequents aAAA branch before a giant automobile trip. The American state promotion govt insists, "Nothing beats the high-resolution written map! and written maps don’t have associate perspective like Siri, Google, or others!"

"I am a paper woman all the means," says Cindi Gildard, a accountant at Chase Leavitt in Portland, Maine. "I'm not a navigator. i would not shrewdness to use a GPS if there was one in my vehicle."

Instead, Gildard depends on the "awesome" "Maine Atlas and dictionary," that she says shows "old very little dirt roads and wherever bridges were washed out." The dictionary uses dotted lines, she adds, to point areas within the backcountry wherever you would like four-wheeled drive.

No signal? No downside. No battery needed
For her half, Kendra Ensor, the vp of selling at Rand McNally in Chicago, says regarding 5 years agone the corporate began to see associate dealings in Road Atlas sales. “After all, a written atlas doesn’t need batteries or a satellite or cell signal,” she says.
"When we tend to were in American state last year with all the flooding, a paper map would are useful once each Apple and Google Maps told USA to travel down a flooded road," says Barb Gonzalez, a travel lensman and author primarily based in Bend, Oregon.

There’s a bunch of different reasons for written maps, though, from rigorously curated collections for historical or scholarly  functions to inventive displays to the accidental stockpile from recent travels.

A screenshot of Google Maps in concealed Mode.
David Rumsey's assortment of over a hundred and fifty,000 maps is housed at Stanford. Over thirty years, he massed atlases, wall maps, globes, college geographies, pocket maps, maritime charts chemical analysis from regarding 1550.

For community planners, realty agents and engineers, as an example, paper maps square measure simply tools of the trade.

“Suddenly we've got these driving directions in our pockets, and everyone appears to own forgotten that each one these different maps exist, despite the fact that they clearly use them on an everyday basis,” says Daniel Huffman, a geographer associated an unearned fellow at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. “I don’t assume there's abundant of a separate case to be created for paper maps versus paper newspapers or paper books.”

Privacy: Paper maps tell no tales
To the extent that individuals fret regarding privacy, paper maps additionally won’t track you.

Now, Apple emphasised privacy as a part of its rollout for the most recent iteration of Apple Maps: No sign-on is needed, as an example, and knowledge collected by Maps whereas victimisation the app, together with search terms, navigation routing, and traffic info, is hidden behind random identifiers.

When you navigate somewhere victimisation Google Maps, your each movement is commonly half-track, wherever it shows up within Google's somewhat debatable opt-in Location History feature. Those seeking a lot of privacy will alter concealed Mode, which can stop Google from saving your Maps search and navigation activities to your Google Account. The draw back is you may lose some personalization options, around such things as building recommendations and traffic updates.

Using paper maps to set up
There's simply one thing regarding evolution a map and birth it flat on a table. It's at an equivalent time visceral and visual. You get the dimensions, sweep and perspective that’s usually lacking once you stare at a small screen or await the voice to inform you once to form successive flip.

You may price that map as you pore over it for sites you would possibly need to go to. It can be for a visit presently to be taken, or it should represent the sole manifestation of the dream of a visit nonetheless to happen on the far side the map in your hand.

“My dividing line: paper maps for coming up with and GPS in transit,” says Marty Levine in Vancouver, Canada.

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For some folks, a map is memory. It rekindles one thing else, maybe a cherished and tangible recollection of places they visited or once lived, or it lives as a illustration of ancestral ties, just like the birthplace of their folks or grandparents.

“My husband and that i used a paper map to drive throughout Portuguese Republic throughout our honeymoon (in 2017),” says Andrea Schneider, UN agency lives in state capital. The couple highlighted their route in orange and yellow, to mark alternate days.

At night, they'd review the "spectacular" high-speed toll roads and lots of tunnels they'd capable and plot successive day's route. Schneider says the map gave them a deeper insight into the country's typography and transit.

"This 'old-school' approach to a world road trip was a lot of attention-grabbing, reliable and fun than relying upon Google Maps," she says.

The map is presently tucked away during a box with different mementos from the Portuguese Republic trip, and Schneider says she plans to border it one in every of recently.

"It’s a beautiful souvenir and memento that can’t extremely be recreated via a GPS.”

In this speedily evolving digital world, paper maps add a way of duration. Roads and streets amendment needless to say, and no written map will usually carry on therewith pace of amendment. however written maps are not almost plotting wherever you'll be heading next. they are the maximum amount regarding wherever you've got been.

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